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The curious case of the flying fish

posted Apr 29, 2019, 11:51 AM by Suchandra Chatterjee   [ updated Apr 29, 2019, 11:59 AM ]

Often in the corporate world, we try to fit in, but fitting in means losing the part of ourselves that makes us, UNIQUE. 

How can you leverage on your core strength (something that you can do forever, just for the joy of it, even without any outside reward) to benefit your organization?

The world at large is hell-bent on turning the fish into a bird. The result is something grotesque that resembles neither a fish nor a bird!

So, if you feel like you are not cashing in on your skills, talk to the management. 

Show them with an example of how you can use them for profit. Your organization does not care about your calling. They care about their calling, that's the hard truth.

But can there be harmony? Between your calling and the need of the business?

I feel business can thrive if the management can truly utilize the core strength of each of their employees. 

You are unique, let your work bear the signature of that uniqueness!