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The art and science of Marketing

posted Jul 2, 2016, 12:14 PM by Suchandra Chatterjee   [ updated Apr 22, 2019, 12:17 PM ]
I always wanted to learn magic as a kid and spent many a sleepless night awaiting my Hogwarts invitation letter. It didn't come, but later I realized why I loved magic. What had enthralled me was the perfect synergy between meticulous science and the art of mesmerizing the audience.

I have fulfilled my dreams of becoming a magician by being a marketer. Marketing revolves around the art of persuading consumers, the psychology of buyers persona and the science to decoding data to generate better business decisions. It's the perfect convergence of humanities and science; the yin and yang!

Given that, today's marketers need to not only be comfortable but also embrace technology. Following are 3 arsenals marketers need to have in their armoury and hone their skills with them regularly. Starting from the obvious:

Social Media:
Social media is not a niche marketing discipline anymore, it is re-writing traditional marketing disciplines. Being present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or SnapChat has become a hygiene factor. While the traction of work done in social media and the tracking tools (speaking of which, check out this cool article: are definitely under the purview of science the organic way of content-building still embraces the art and the magic of words!

Marketing Automation:
Automation has been deemed as a hydra-headed monster gobbling up traditional jobs(read about its implication on call-centre industry: The automation industry today is nowhere close to 'What if I told you, machine's have already won' scenario. Though a mind boggling about of things (even certain news articles that you read online) are automated, from a marketing standpoint it is an immense asset prioritizing and streamlining our marketing tasks so that we can concentrate our energies on more creative endeavors. 

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing visibility of your web page by making it appear in the TOP results in a search engine( read about Google's plea against search engine 'manipulation': You can do some cool science and search the specific keywords by Google KeyWord Tracker and improve the rank of your website in Google Algorithm. But quality content in the end of the day is an art that attracts  your consumers to your website.

So, ride the changing tide, my fellow marketers with your automated surfers but in the end your tenacity, creativity and instinct are the traits that would separate a great campaign from an average one!