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How did Thanos do it?

posted Apr 22, 2019, 12:03 PM by Suchandra Chatterjee   [ updated Apr 22, 2019, 12:07 PM ]

#1 Market Research Question in Avengers Infinity War/ Endgame

Spoiler Alert: Serious spoilers below. This article will ruin the climax for Avengers Infinity war for you. But seriously, If you still do not know the climax- what on earth are you doing here instead of doing something productive like streaming it on Netflix right now!

At the end of Avengers infinity war half of all the life (or sentient life because I don't recall them focusing on Thanos disintegrating animals or plants- the lesser life as we humans like to deem them out of our own hubris). So, Thanos or the six infinity stones wiped off half the sentient/ intelligent lifeforms across the universe.

So, let's say you are living at the end of Avengers infinity war: you have a chance of either being disintegrated or if you are lucky you escape this fate.

But wait, in case of a complete random disintegration: there is no way of knowing for sure that 50% of the remaining population of the universe will be faithful to the original 100%.

I understand that for a truly random sample drawing, across the universe the distribution across gender, age group, income, education, race, religion, and other so-called social and cultural indicators will remain more or less the same: or it should. But it could wreak havoc in smaller geographies, in context with the universe, our planet is not even the famous pale blue dot mentioned by Carl Sagan. We are pretty much nothing. So, there is a possibility that for a tiny fraction of the universe, like a planet, there are some serious issues in disintegration that might end up killing all the let's say reproductive members of a species resulting in the destruction of the species itself.

Thanos must have hired a market research agency for making a screener of sorts for the disintegration. Thanos must have set up quotas. And since he claims to be impartial and not mutilating populations/ species out of spite, he must have had a system to remain fair, but fairness means tossing a coin, you either live or disintegrate. You toss enough coins and you see heads and tails tend to be roughly equal. But unfortunately for life, that fairness does not work in an isolated system. We need to have quotas to remain 'fair'.

I wonder which agency handled market research for Thanos.

And what was the payment structure for the service? No disintegration for the employees? But won't that compromise the central premise of fairness? So, the poor employees might have chalked up the plan for their own disintegration without even being aware of it!